Parent Support Trainings

Listener Training

This is a 3-hour training that is tailored for parents whose children have experienced a variety of special care needs, both medical and/or disability-related. These parents have achieved some perspective through time and training. This training hones in on the history of the parent to parent movement, the parent’s experiences and teaches them how to be a better “Listener.”Upon completing the training, the Listener will be ready to assist a family on an emotional level as well as providing resources and helpful information.

Parent Leadership/Community Training

This hour-long training provides families with the information they will need to become better advocates for their child. They will learn the benefits of Parent Support, receive information on community resources, and an overview of state programs.

LifeCourse Training

Charting the LifeCourse is a framework that was developed to help individuals with disabilities and families at any age or stage of life think about what they need to know, identify how to find or develop supports, and discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live. Individuals and families may focus on their current situation and stage of life but they may also find it helpful to look ahead. Families may want to start thinking about what they can do or learn now that will help build an inclusive productive life in the future.

LifeCourse uses person-centered planning to enable individuals with disabilities or otherwise requiring support to increase their personal self-determination and improve their independence.

HealthCare Trainings

HealthCare Advocacy; Making Sense of It All

This is a one-hour educational session for families and professionals. This session covers Family/Professional Partnerships, Healthcare Advocacy, and community-based resources.

Supporting Families of Children with Autism

This 45-minute workshop discusses important topics that families and childcare providers should know about Autism, including; facts about Autism, the signs to watch for, the benefits of early intervention, and how to interact with an individual that is diagnosed.

Cultural Competence Training

This is a one-hour training that encompasses the basics of cultural competence. The training covers the major issues and barriers faced by families/children from ethnic and diverse backgrounds. It is designed for parents and professionals who would like to learn more about the topic and how best to serve this population.

Special Education Trainings

Mock PPT Meeting

This 2-hour training is for families that need help understanding the Planning & Placement Team (PPT) meeting process. It is an interactive meeting that will simulate the situations that confront parents at PPT meetings and will explain how to successfully navigate through them.

The “Soft Skills” of Special Education Advocacy Training

This presentation is aimed at parents of special education students who want to sharpen their advocacy skills. Topics include: how to get involved in the decision-making process; best practices for school-home communications; how to prepare for school meetings (including PPT and 504); obtaining a free copy of your child’s school records; and where to find help when you need it.

Youth Training Youth Leadership

Do you have a child/young adult between the ages of 13-26 with a disability or chronic health condition? Come learn about this amazing Youth Leadership Program called CT KASA (Kids As Self Advocates). This group meets monthly and provides its young adult members the opportunity to learn leadership and self-advocacy skills. CT KASA also focuses on educating the community including schools, medical professionals, and state legislators.