Spotlight on CT KASA Youth Coordinator, Emily Ball

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We sat down with CT KASA Youth Coordinator Emily Ball to tell us more about her experience with KASA.

1) How did you hear about CT KASA and what made you think about joining?

I initially was involved in KASA since 2005 at the age of 13. I had heard about the organization originally through a friend of mine. The original KASA disbanded in 2013. I learned of the new group in 2015 through Nanfi Lubogo. Originally, I would say because my parents thought it was a good idea, but more recently because I missed being involved with such an empowering organization and was happy for the opportunity.


2) How has your role within CT KASA changed since you started in the group?

I don’t think much has changed except my job title and responsibilities (as of October 2017.) I still actively contribute to the meetings and hone my advocacy/leadership skills.

3) What have you found to be the most interesting part of working with the group?

I think the most interesting thing is that all the projects we do that our youth created. They are all youth related. I also like all the different perspectives from all the different people.

4) Do you have any projects that you would like to see CT KASA work on?

I think a project KASA should do is a video or pamphlet directed at businesses that are not ADA compliant (like a restaurant with steps leading to it) or by the same token campaigning why businesses should be more sensory friendly (i.e. low lighting) and why this is important. Members should research an establishment in their area that is not accessible to everyone. The reason for this would be so they can apply the concept in real life.

5) If you could tell someone thinking about joining CT KASA something about the group that would best describe it, what would you say?

If I had to tell someone why they should join KASA, I would tell them because it assists you in becoming a better advocate for yourself.  Also, if you are elected to do one of the jobs for KASA it can also teach you responsibility and time management. On top of those reasons, you can also make friends.



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