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Parent to Parent USA (P2PUSA)

PATH is the CT State Alliance Member to National Parent to Parent USA. Carmina Cirioli, the Co-Executive Director of PATH, is the Board President of National Parent to Parent USA.

Parent to Parent USA (P2PUSA) is a national non-profit organization committed to promoting access, quality, and leadership in parent to parent support across the country. This site highlights alliance member statewide organizations that have parent to parent support as a core program and a commitment to implementing parent to parent evidence-based practices. Parent to Parent programs provides emotional and informational support to families of children who have special needs most notably by matching parents seeking support with an experienced, trained “Support Parent.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to support a National network of parent programs to ensure access to quality emotional support for families of individuals with disabilities and special healthcare needs.


Our Vision

Parent to Parent USA will support a network of viable sustainable, fully functional, and effective parent to Parent programs in all 50 states through hands-on support, training and technical assistance, and high-quality tools and resources. Our network’s parent leadership and engaged membership will serve as strong advocates, provide robust mentoring opportunities, and develop the working partnerships with funders, service providers, and others needed to sustain and grow the program nationwide.


Our Values

  • Each family’s journey has value and can offer help and inspiration to others
  • Peer support fosters mutual growth and resilience in families and among programs
  • Evidence-based practices ensure consistency and quality throughout the network
  • Leadership, integrity, and partnership build capacity and sustainability

If you do not have a p2p program in your state, please contact a neighboring state.