Kevin Daly

The number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder has risen significantly over the last few decades.  In my role as Healthcare Information Specialist with PATH, much of my time is devoted to educating the public about Autism in children.  Our goal is to highlight the possible signs of Autism in children and to guide families of children who already have an Autism diagnosis toward care coordination and support.  I have a “road show” about Autism which consists of a Power Point presentation, handouts and a video about children with Autism (which can be viewed on our web site at

I’ve taken my Autism “road show” to numerous locations across the state for presentations to parent groups, professionals and community organizations.  Along the way I encountered many myths and misconceptions about Autism, which confirms the need for this work.  Future plans include more Autism “road shows”  and providing Autism education to emergency service providers such as firefighters and EMTs.


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Andrea Richardson

As the Health Information Specialist for the Hartford region,  I have spent my time working within the Hartford Public Schools as well as the Capitol Region Education Council school system, and have become a board member for the CT Coalition of Magnet Schools. I have attendee PTO’s and school sponsored activities in hopes to spread awareness of our organization. I currently work part time at CT. Children’s Medical Center and seek out opportunities there where I can further promote PATH’s mission and goals to all who I see. Lastly, I make house calls, in others words, organizations and clinics whom I have met with in the past make request for more PATH documentations to distribute to their families.
Such as flyers, pamphlets and the FILE of LIFE. My goal is to ultimately be established within a medical home where I can be of assistance to families with children or loved ones with special health care needs.

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Marni McNiff

PATH is going strong in western Connecticut. I am now available to see clients seeking help from PATH at Pediatric Associates of Western Connecticut, located in Danbury CT., every Wednesday. I am available to help clients review their chid’s evaluation, assist with the PPT process, and provide information for both the families with a child with a newly diagnosed special need, as well as those who want to ensure their child is receving appropriate services in their Individualized Education Program.

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Sonia Guzman

My name is Sonia Guzman,  I am the Bilingual Health Information Specialist for  Northwest region and statewide.  I assist clients with information regarding healthcare, applications and assistance with state  assistance programs such as DDS or anything related to  school and PPT meetings. I am looking to start a support group for families of children and youth with  special health care needs in the greater Torrington region.

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