From 2008-2011 PATH/FVCT was part of the Department of Public Health State Implementation for Integrated Community Systems for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Grant; better known as theTransition Grant. This project focused on strengthening efforts on continuous quality improvement to promote the successful transition of youth with Special Health Care Needs to post-secondary education and/or employment or vocational placement and from pediatric practices to adult health care services. This grant was a collaborative effort between several state and family organizations in CT and is funded by the CT Department of Public Health (DPH). PATH/FVCT Staff are trained to assist families and professionals on transition and can conduct a training or workshop in your area.

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Health and Transition Resources

Parent Brief
Promoting effective parent involvement in secondary education and transition.


The National Center for Health Care Transition Improvement

Why Got Transition?

Responding to the Need for Health Care Transition

Got Transition and the Center for Health Care Transition Improvement aim to advance access to effective transition support from pediatric to adult health care for all youth, including those with special needs.

Why This? Why Now?

Less than half of US youth with special health care needs receive the health care transition supports and services they need, according to the 2009-10 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs.

Youth who are minorities, who have mental health and developmental conditions, and who have disabling chronic conditions are disproportionately represented among those without adequate transition support.

Got Transition will facilitate the implementation and dissemination of health care transition best practices in pediatric and adult medical homes and specialty settings.

Got Transition is supported by a cooperative agreement between the US Maternal and Child Bureau/HRSA and the The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health.

Youth Information

“What Does This Have to Do With Me?”

As you get older, YOU will begin to make choices that will affect your health. Here at Got Transition we hope to support you to make those choices carefully.  We want to provide you with information, tools, connections to other youth, and also people who work in the health care systems – so that they will understand the things you are scared or worried about.

It is the hope of the team at Got Transition that when you feel supported, involved and empowered in your own health care, you will be more likely to have a positive transition experience!

“How can I learn more?”

There are lots of things that Got Transition is doing to make sure you are interested and maybe even exciting about health care transition!

  • Find us on  Facebook! You will get to see the latest webinars, Got Transition events, and lots of resources and articles about what’s going on with health care transition.
  • Check out our page of resources with information about everything from how to talk to your doctor to learning about being a self advocate.
  • Tune in to episodes of  Got Transition Radio Broadcasts!  Hosted by Mallory Cyr and Eileen Forlenza, every episode is an energetic, interactive conversation about real life issues in health care transition and things that affect YOU!
  • Sign up for the Got Transition Mailing List so you can hear about all upcoming events and things that might interest you!
What do you want to see, or hear about from Got Transition?  Contact our Youth Program Manager Mallory Cyr, to share your ideas!

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