Overcoming Challenging Behaviors

All parents find their child’s behavior challenging or confusing from time to time. For those of us with children who happen to have special health needs, this can be especially true. Communication differences, medications and their side effects, sensory differences or developmental delays can make understanding and managing challenging behaviors even more difficult.

Additionally, whether right or wrong, a parent can feel that their child’s behavior is a reflection on them as a parent. When our child is acting negatively, we may question our parenting skills or worry that our friends and family are judging us and our kids.  This adds even more stress to an already stressful situation.

My son just entered high school and for us, managing behavior has been a journey. We tend to go in cycles; things go along smoothly for a while and then, boom, a new challenging behavior comes along. Fortunately for us, we have a good team of friends, family members, and therapists/doctors to help us figure things out. Eventually, my son and I, with help from his team, are able to figure out a plan for dealing with the behavior.


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