Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities in Getting Access to Healthcare

Even after children and adults with special needs have enrolled in a healthcare plan through a State or the Federal Marketplace, some are having difficulties accessing care.  In this blog, we summarize some of the obstacles and how they can be addressed.


Holiday Faire/PATH Fundraiser

Announcing the PATH Holiday Faire/Fundraiser. Please use the links below to purchase some great items, and a portion of the proceeds will help support our PATH programs! We have vendors of everything from Younique, to Pampered Chef, to Origami Owl and more.


Supported Decision Making for Transition Age Youth

Any person over the age of 18 is legally an adult, and is presumed to be able to manage his or her own finances, choose where to live, consent to medical treatment, vote, marry, and exercise his or her own legal rights as an adult. This
presumption does not change because a person has a disability.


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